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Welcome to the home of Netports Virtual Private Servers (VPS). Netports fully managed and monitored Virtual Private Servers offer a fully dedicated hosting environment and are ideal for webmasters, web developers and web hosts wanting improved security and control in an economical platform.

Netports offers VPS's located in Australia for those who like the idea of a super fast premium Australian located service as well as special mission-critical provisioned, high traffic VPS's located in the SAS70 Certified Tier 1 global datacentre in California - the closest point to the eastern seaboard of Australia which delivers content to within miliseconds of Australia based speeds.

IMPORTANT: All Netports VPS's operate in fully protected, separate and isolated environments located on true stand alone enterprise class main server nodes - total peace of mind for those hosting mission critical ventures or have security concerns normally associated with cloud based hosting services. This also means each of our VPS's are PCI scanning compliant capable (optional) - utmost protection for critical e-commerce activity.

Managed Australia VPS services
Includes full server / systems administration & server monitoring and managment
Managed Global VPS services
Includes full server / systems administration & server monitoring and managment

PCI DSS Compliant Hosting PCI DSS Compliant Certified Capable

ALL Netports VPS's can now be further customised and provisioned to be 100% compliant to the strict PCI compliance scan requirements.

The PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a complex set of rules and requirements that must be complied with in order to accept credit card payments online.

If your website or shopping cart touches credit card data in any way, even if it is just transmitting credit card data off to your PCI compliant payment gateway for processing, your website now must be certified as compliant with PCI.

A Netports VPS, either Australian or Global, that delivers an official PCI DSS scanning compliance status properly certified by an approved third party PCI ASV goes a long way to assist you in obtaining full PCI compliance certification for your entire business.

24/7 Helpdesk & Phone Support

True 24/7 support is a critically important requirement for any business serious about what they do on the internet. Our VPS services are a serious VPS hosting solution and are backed by a support level commensurate with the quality of the service itself.

No longer will you not be able to urgently reach your hosting provider by phone late at night or outside business hours!!

We are serious about supporting our clients.

24/7 Customer Support Helpdesk
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